Hello, I am a Reiki Meditation Master. I love helping others feel better by letting them know that they have the right to own their bodies through their thoughts. Sickness is all in the mind. I continue to believe this. You may ask why do I believe this? Simple, while I was publishing this book, I contracted Covid-19. I was stressed and not getting the proper rest and nutrients. I didn't practice Reiki regularly as I normally do. I was not grounded or centered. I allowed my mind to believe something other than what was real. I gave the ego permission to tell me that I was ill and to take power over me, something I preach against everyday. But once I decided that I had control over my body, the systems left. I started giving myself Reiki/Meditation treatments. My friends once they found out that I contracted the virus, started sending me Distance Reiki treatments. The following day, the systems begin vanquishing. The virus remained in the body, but not in the mind. I could walk without getting out of breath. I could clean my house, and I returned to normal routine. This is why I believe in the power of Reiki Mediation. By taking a course in Reiki or Meditation, you and your child can learn how to calm your minds and to bring healing and peace into your lives. You'll experience less illnesses and stress.  


Angela Newman is a Reiki/Meditation teacher. She spoke for Starting Point, Cleveland, Ohio, introducing Reiki and Meditation to Early Childhood Educators. She has taught Reiki/Meditation for over 11 years. She is available for speaking and teaching engagements.

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