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REIKI energy

There is presumed to be as many as 64 branches of Reiki methodology practiced through out the world. They are not listed on this page. However, here are a few you may want to try: Gendai Reiki Ho, Lightarian Reiki, Angel Reiki, Pyschic Reiki, and many more methods. Listed below, I focused on the three most popular techniques practiced in the United States. 

Reiki Treatment
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Usui Western Reiki

In this branch of #Reiki, practitioners treat their clients by using a light touch or treat without touching. There are several levels before one reaches the master level. Reiki I, II, III. Advance Reiki was included for those who chooses not to teach. To become a practitioner, one must be attuned to the Reiki energy by a master teacher. During the #attunement, Master Teachers use symbols to attune there students by using hand positions. The history indicates that Reiki  was introduced to the United States, via #Mrs. Hawatha Tataka via #Dr. Hayashi (a student of #Mikao Usui Sensi ) in Japan during the 1930s. 


Eastern Reiki Jikiden

A Eastern version of Dr. Usui's method of Reiki. #Jikiden means Un-altered Reiki. It also has levels, Shoden, Okudun, and Shinpiden and is said to be done in its purest form. Unlike Western Reiki it's much more difficult to reach the level of mastery. It is said that the practices and treatments are as they were when originally performed by Usui himself, passed down to us from his student Dr. Hayashi Sensi to Chiyoko Sensi, until her passed shared it through her son, #Tadao Yamaguchi and #Frank Arjava Petter.  

Distant Reiki

What is Distant Reiki? It's receiving Reiki from a distance. It may be at your home while the practitioner is in his or her home. It could come from across the room. But what's special about Distance Reiki you don't have to be in the same country for it to work. Mostly #distant Reiki is used to bless the sick. At the request of the client or family member, a Reiki Practitioner will send a Reiki healing treatment to someone to the person in need. They may be a shut or a patient in a hospital. It is used for other purposes as well. Many Reiki Practitioners uses it to bless their long distance journeys. Some bless their homes or work places. Some even uses it to get job positions. Whatever your need is and if the practitioner is not readily available, then distance Reiki is the next best treatment. For a distant Reiki Treatment use the contact icon in the menu bar, send me a message indicating that your child wants distant Reiki and I will return with directions. Thank you


Holy Reiki Fire 

Probably an old technique, but unsure. It was re-introduced by William Rand when he became aware of it in 2014 and named it Holy Fire Reiki. Like Western and Eastern Reiki, it has levels one must achieve before advancing to the next level. Interestingly, I did not introduce this method in the book, I did not know much about the method to study or write about it. This method of Reiki does not use touch, unlike Western Reiki where both touch and non-touching are used. But it's energy and is said to be so powerful that some, according to Rand, claimed to see flames coming from their hands. Like the other methods of Reiki, this method has attunements. However, Rand now call the attunements, ignitions because of the Holy Fire experience.

For more information visit Rand website:  


The author nor the publisher are accountable for the use of these practices. The author took great care to ensure the information is accurate and supports the content. However, please do not use the methods to supplant medication or medical advice. Always seek a professional for any or all illnesses, injuries, or mental health issues. Not all children will respond to the techniques, therefore, the reader should realize, he or she is using the information at their own risk. Thus, the author hereby disclaims any responsibility of damages or disruptions caused by errors or misinterpretation of the content.

The images are from free images online as well as some taking during my many hikes, and one taking while given a Reiki Treatment. I don't take photos or videos during my courses or treatments to protect the privacy of my students and clients. I was given permission to take and use the one photo in 2012. But I will be posting a few meditation videos later in the month in the blog. I would like to thank, Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash, and many others for the commercial use of their photos. 

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