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Calm Down Already!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

This book introduces Meditation and Reiki to Educators, Home care providers, parents etc. using guides, forms and information demonstrating calming and relaxation techniques.

Welcome to Angela's blog post. This space connects you with readers and potential meditators and #Reiki in a way that’s current and interesting. Please communicate by sharing your Reiki and #Meditation needs. You have a question about Reiki or meditation for children, this book or any any relaxation subjects, then use this blog so you and I can have an ongoing conversation, share updates about courses, trends, news, and more.

Meditation is a great way to get the inspirational juices flowing. I find myself being more creative when I meditate to the sounds of a creek or waterfall. I also listened to soft music without rhythm, that works as well. But it's nothing like sitting in a lotus position or a soft comfy chair and listening to the sounds of a waterfall. I am at one with the sounds. I am in total peace and harmony.

Meditate to this 1 1/2 minute video and feel the relaxation, total peacefulness and harmony. This short video is beneficial in helping children get started with meditation or for beginners who have difficulties sitting for more than a minute or two. (#meditation #waterfalls #relaxation)

This video was taken at the Brandywine Fall in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Sagamore Hills Township, Ohio. For longer videos for meditation, visit YouTube. There are videos up to 10 hours long.

The story of Love”

When I am near a creeks or a waterfall, I find a peacefulness that sweeps me away to another world. I no longer connect to the body that I constantly see in the mirror. Instead, I connect to the spiritual me that is one with the universe. I give my problems away to my Holy Spirit knowing that forgiveness, love, peace, and joy replaces the frustrations, pains, and anxieties. I feel what brings me joy and rejoice in the peace with like minded people. I no longer experience fear or guilt. I no longer see the world as a judgement of myself or an unforgiveness of others. I know what it's like to experience true Love. I find love within my true Self.

Get Inspired Know who your are. And if you don't know, you are not who you think you are.


The author nor the publisher are accountable for the use of these practices. The author took great care to ensure the information is accurate and supports the content. However, please do not use the methods to supplant medication or medical advice. Always seek a professional for any or all illnesses, injuries, or mental health issues. Not all children will respond to the techniques, therefore, the reader should realize, he or she is using the information at their own risk. Thus, the author hereby disclaims any responsibility of damages or disruptions caused by errors or misinterpretation of the content.

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