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Calm Down Already


This interactive book introduces the tools needed to successfully promote a harmonic environment using unconventional techniques like affirmations, meditation, Reiki, soothing sounds and various relaxation techniques. Specially written for early childhood, early elementary teachers, home care providers, and parents. These techniques can be easily and successfully incorporated into classrooms and households alike.


Little Light's Dream
ISBN: 9780986405907

In eternity, Little Light becomes curious and wonders what it would be like if it separated from his Father, the Great Light. Soon his curiosity ends in a dream of darkness. Lost and separate from his Father, Light drifts into night and wonders if he will ever wake up. 


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Sunny Sandy Rhyming Frenzy

ISBN-13: 978-0986405945

ISBN-10: 0986405949

In the quirky world of a little girl named Sunny Sandy, rhyming is a normal pastime. Sunny Sandy loves to rhyme. Will she ever stop or continue to drive everyone mad! Follow the SUNNY SANDY series.

Sunny Sandy The Case
of the Missing Shoe
ISBN-13: 978-0986405969

OH NO! Sunny Sandy lost the new shoe her MOM just bought. She searched throughout the park only to find a girl… who likes to TWIRL… Together they go on a journey to find her new shoe… Will Sunny Sandy find her shoe with her friends help. Find out in Sunny Sandy: The Case of the Missing Shoe, By Angela Newman

"Sunny Sandy: The Case of the Missing Shoe" is a rhyming children's book story for ages 2-5. It teaches literacy, rhyming, perseverance, determination, the value of helping others, and social skills.

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Sunny Sandy: No Pets Allowed at the Zoo!

ISBN-13: 978-0986405983

Easygoing Sunny Sandy meets the pesky cat, Ginger Tutterall, who insists she take her to the zoo. What will Sunny Sandy do! Find out if Ginger Tutterall gets invited to the zoo. 


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