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Angela Newman is an artist, author, minister, public speaker, and teacher. Calm Down is her first non-fiction book on Reiki, Meditation, and other calming and relaxation strategies and techniques. She has practiced both modalities and other relaxing methods and is now sharing what she has learned and practiced for over ten years. She received a Masters's and Bachelor's degree in History, focusing on the cultural History of Africans, African Americans, and Latin Americans. She also earned a Metaphysical Minister's License and a Master's degree in religion. 

Angela spins words like a D.J. working a turntable, so it would only be natural that she could tell stories like a modern-day Phyllis Wheatley and a spiritual Picasso.


In her spare time, she dabbles outside writing and designs t-shirts like a master craftswoman. She loves to hand out inspirational and motivational quotes for the day.

So, if you want to chat or buy one of the many products she masterfully manufactured, visit her blog, check one of the BUY NOW buttons on this website, or visit her on Facebook. She may drop an inspirational quote or wane a love ballet inspiring you to buy 1 of the five books she self-published or a t-shirt. 

Peace and Love 

My Brothers and Sisters


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